Vilniaus knygų mugė / LITEXPO

Vilnius Book Fair

Shall we meet at the book fair? This is a very popular question in early February. The Vilnius Book Fair is a place where writers and their muses, and readers and protagonists fly, drive, walk and sail to come together. It is a place where characters come to life and you can ask all of the questions that you had while reading. At the Vilnius Book Fair, it seems like there is nothing more important to Lithuanians than a book. And if anyone tries to tell you that printed books are disappearing, take them to the book fair in Vilnius and show them that this is not the case. A children’s literature hall, creative workshops, a discussion forum, autograph, cinema and music halls, art exhibitions, a second-hand bookseller arcade – there is so much of everything that you might just come on Thursday and leave on Sunday.