R. Šeškaitis

Drink an unforgettable cup of coffee in Vilnius

The Old Town of Vilnius is cosy and small, but there is so much to see that you definitely have to recharge by savouring a cup of coffee. There are a growing number of cafés in the city that focus a lot of attention on the origin and quality of the beans they use, and which offer different brewing methods and even organise gatherings for coffee amateurs and professionals. The cafés in Vilnius are scattered throughout the city – you can find them tucked away in the small streets of the Old Town or in book stores and shopping centres. Lithuanians are true coffee connoisseurs. For Lithuanians, a cup of coffee is a source of energy and a symbol of friendship. Lithuanian coffee chains like Huracán, Caffeine and Vero Cafe have created a real network of coffee shops throughout the city (and the country). Over the past few years, coffee culture has flourished in Vilnius and the capital now has something to show its guests: from the Good Coffee Map for coffee lovers to the Vilnius Coffee Festival, which is the largest coffee festival in the Baltics. 

The good coffee map