5 Off-the-Grid Locations in Lithuania: Camping in Tipis and Dream Treehouse

Screen fatigue and the lack of life-work balance may lead to burnout, but getting away from the city and disconnecting may be a good solution. Lithuania offers five off-the-grid destinations, such as camping in lakeside tipis or hiking in a private peninsula, for a rejuvenating and health-restoring trip.

The past few years took a serious toll on everyone’s mental health and searches for “burnout” skyrocketed, the lack of work-life balance becoming one of the causes of perpetual stress. However, disconnecting even for a short while and immersing in nature can reduce stress and restore energy.

Lithuania is synonymous with emerald forests, crystal-clear lakes, and a multitude of hidden natural gems. Given that the country also has thousands of lakes, untamed nature, and forests that make up a third of its area, visitors have many ways to get off the grid during their trips. Here are five unique remote destinations in Lithuania to get away from the busy action of cities.

Exotic Camping Trip in Lakeside Tipis

The tipi camp, located in the Aukštaitija National Park with its 126 lakes and evergreen pine barrens making up most of the area, is an inviting spot for every explorer and nature lover. As a remote destination, it offers ample opportunities to spend the off-the-grid getaway by hiking, cycling, and boating.

Located by lake Asalnai in East Lithuania, the camp shows a way to disconnect from the daily worries, and immerse in healing nature. Spending time in the tipi allows one to absorb the cacophony of birds’ songs in the surrounding forest, breathe in the earthy scent, and relax in the cool shade by the lake. One unique feature of tipis is the firepit, located in the center of the tent which can be used for cooking, while the structure of the tent is designed to keep the warm air in and the smoke out, so campers can rest comfortably no matter the season.

Night in Dome With Stunning View

Glamping popularity continues to grow as more tourists discover the joy of spending time in off-the-grid destinations without giving up the comfort. Those who seek glamping experiences in Lithuania can visit the remote Skywoods Glamping resort, nestled on a hillside with sweeping views of the lake Baltieji Lakajai in Eastern Lithuania, also known as the lake county.

Glamping-style domes with a bed and a lounge area offer a comfortable stay, a cozy atmosphere, and a spectacular panorama of the sky melting in the deep blues of the lake and the surrounding fragrant pine forest. The resort huddles in Labanoras, the largest regional park in the country which is a home to the densest population of nesting white stork, while the myriad of lakes and pine forests makes it a place for endless explorations.

Living Out Childhood Fantasy in Treehouses

There are not many adults who haven’t dreamed of having a treehouse as kids. Good news — there is one designed for a perfect getaway right on the shore of lake Neprėkšta, situated in central Lithuania between Vilnius and Kaunas, the two metropolises. Genio kampas treehouse is located on a 9-hectare private peninsula surrounded by gleaming water on all sides. Visitors eager to unplug and enjoy serene living can have a refreshing swim on a private beach and feel the joys of cooking a hearty meal in a fire pit nearby.

Overnight Stay In Birdhouse

Another enticing spot for treehouse aficionados is the Birdhouse, which offers a one-of-a-kind experience of feeling as close to nature and birds as ever. Although its interior combines the cozy with the modern, the house blends seamlessly into the forest where one can reside between nature and civilization.

After lounging on a terrace under the tree crowns, the visitors are encouraged to explore the surrounding areas, including the UNESCO-recognised Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, the largest wetland in Lithuania and home to rare plants and animals species.

Cozy Cabin Stay Among Wildlife

Fallow dears grazing in lush fields and the chance to observe their gentle life might be a dream come true to nature enthusiasts in Arčiau gamtos Anykščiai, a small, elevated cabin located by a private pond. It is an excellent place for every animal lover who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Unplugging from the buzz permeating the urban areas, visitors can spend their quiet time watching the animals right from their beds inside the cabin, or petting and feeding them when outside. Just outside the cabin, one can stumble upon a fold of highland cattle, which are as friendly as the deers and appreciate the guests who bring them vegetables.