A. Didžgalvis

Asmik Grigorian – a charismatic soprano

You could go deaf from the storms of applause that she evokes. Stunning. Charming. And conquering the world with her voice. Lithuania’s leading soprano, Asmik Grigorian performs at the world’s top opera houses, from Milan’s Teatro alla Scala to New York’s Lincoln Center, home of the Metropolitan Opera. The opera singer, who was recognised as the best young female soloist in the world, overcame a long and difficult road to the big stage. The daughter of two famous opera singers –Gegham Grigoryan and Irena Milkevičiūtė – she always knew how much work and effort you need to achieve glory. Today, Asmik’s voice in the world speaks about Lithuania and its culture.

“Asmik Grigorian’s voice is by nature quite harsh, but it emits such a force that the listener is left blown away.” Der Tagesspiegel