L. Ciūnys

Ethnic minority cuisine

Many roads have crossed Lithuania over the centuries. History led to ethnic minorities and ethnic groups settling in our small country, and they have become an integral part of our lives and our traditions. Ethnic minority cuisine has as well. Jews, Russians, Poles, Ruthenians, or Belarusians, and the Tartars and Karaims who remained from the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania have all put dishes on our table without which we can’t even imagine our holidays. In the historical Lithuanian capital of Trakai, you can find kybyn – pastries with meat that are made by the Karaims who live here. At the old Tatar village in Raižiai, in the district of Alytus, the locals will treat you to šimtalapis – their traditional “hundred-leaf” cake with poppy seeds. In Vilnius, enjoy some Russian dumplings and be sure to try Jewish bagels as well as Jewish herring with raisins and cinnamon.