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For fans of active fun

Lithuania has plenty to offer to families of adventure seekers and adrenaline addicts. Be warned – the following activities might require lots of energy and determination, but you’ll get back home braver than before. In Lithuania, you can race down a snowy slope at a winter sports park even mid-summer, walk barefoot down special forest trails, bounce your fatigue away in multiple trampoline parks, or get lost in a corn maze. Sounds exciting? Read on!

Snow Arena


Age of visitors: Skiing 3+, Other activities 0+


A paradise for winter sports fans, Snow Arena in Druskininkai is the only snow sports complex in the Baltics that’s open all year round. There, you can enjoy the thrills of skiing and snowboarding even on the hottest summer day. The three Snow Arena tracks are perfect for advanced skiers, while even the youngest skiing enthusiasts can feel safe on the beginners’ track. There is also an outdoor track for some open-air fun during the winter months.

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Summer toboggan

Vilnius, Anykščiai

Age of visitors: Toboggan ride 3+, Other activities 5+ | Liepkalnis - Toboggan ride 3+, Other activities 2+


Ever tried sledding down a hill… in summer? If not, a ride down a summer toboggan run is an absolute must on your holiday in Lithuania. You can find such rides at the Liepkalnis sports park in Vilnius or in Anykščiai, at Kalita Hill. With speeds reaching 50 km/h, it’s a pure adrenaline-packed pleasure.

Outdoor mazes

Trakai district, Anykščiai, Biržai district

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Nature lovers can test their inner compass by navigating numerous mazes and labyrinths in Lithuanian fields. Choose your immersive outdoor puzzle: a corn maze in Trakai or Anykščiai or a hemp maze in Kirkilai. The bravest are welcome to venture into a corn maze at night!

Dinosaur parks

Klaipėda district, Trakai district, Pasvalys district

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Who said that dinosaurs are extinct? These giant lizards are alive and well at Lithuania’s dinosaur parks – they hiss, spray water, and even roar. Life-size models of prehistoric beasts can be found in several spots across the country: Dino Park near Klaipėda, Dino Entertainment Park in Trakai district, and Dino Dragon in Raubonys.

Adventure parks

Tauragė, Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai, Trakai district, Jonava district, Palanga, Klaipėda, Alytus, Ignalina

Age of visitors: Most climbing routes have height limits and are only for 6+ aged kids, Other activities usually 2+. The rules may differ in different parks.


Lithuania’s many adventure parks will quench your thirst for the outdoors. Surrounded by pristine nature, climbing courses of various difficulty levels will deliver laughter, thrills, and a sense of accomplishment. So if you feel like having an adventure, grab a rope, climb the tallest tree, zipline across a river, or even spend a night in a treehouse. Here’s a list of Lithuania’s top adventure parks:

Trampoline parks

Vilnius, Klaipėda, Palanga

Age of visitors: Sky Park in Vilnius and Klaipėda: Suitable for everyone | Palanga Summer Park: Trampolines 4+, Other activities 0+


Some of the biggest trampolines in Europe will guarantee a great time jumping at Lithuania’s trampoline parks. Among them is Sky Park in Vilnius, where you can not only bounce around, but also try out individual fitness sessions with experienced instructors. Home to the country’s biggest trampoline, the open-air Palanga Summer Park offers a long list of fun activities, including playgrounds, obstacle courses, and trampoline basketball courts. Tired of jumping? Relax playing minigolf or trying some tasty snacks in the nearby cafés.

CurioCity edutainment centre


Age of visitors: 0-13


The largest edutainment – educational entertainment – centre in the Baltics, CurioCity will surprise children and adults alike. With plenty of games, interactive displays and touchable exhibits, you’ll discover just how fascinating the world is. Fly in a spaceship, navigate an obstacle course over the burning lava of a volcano, slide down a rainbow, or record your radio show – there are lots to experience.

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Winnetou Village

Klaipėda district

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Ever wanted to live a day in the life of a Native American tribe? Winnetou Village will transport you to the plains of North America. In this little camp of tipis, you can paint your face, shoot a bow, play a tom-tom drum, and try some fire-baked bread. And even join the mysterious rainmaking dance!

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Illusion rooms and museums

Vilnius, Palanga, Druskininkai, Anykščiai, Biržai district

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Discover Lithuania upside down! Those unafraid of intriguing visual and sensory experiences will be amazed in the puzzling world of Lithuania’s many illusion rooms and museums. When in Druskininkai or Anykščiai, make sure to visit the Upside-Down House with its inverted rooms, and take some pictures to baffle your friends with. The gravity-defying Gravity House at Kirkilai Entertainment Park will delightfully confuse your brain some more. And if you’re still hungry for wonder, try the infinity room or a nail bath at the Eureka illusion house in Palanga.

Land sailing on the beach


Age of visitors: Most suitable for 9+


Transform your beach walk into an adventure by trying out land sailing! Hop into a three-wheeled kart with a sail and cruise along the seacoast at any point of the year – no prior sailing experience required. If you catch some good wind, your kart will zoom at 25–50 km/h! It’s adrenaline-filled, eco-friendly fun for the whole family, especially teens.

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Barefoot walks in the forest

Biržai, Birštonas, Anykščiai

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Lithuania’s scenic, pristine nature is the country’s best feature. Walking barefoot in nature was considered therapeutic throughout centuries, yet our modern lifestyles limit our contact with the earth. Try getting back in tune with nature by tiptoeing through the forest sans shoes. Feet have thousands of nerve endings, so such natural foot massage can relieve stress and boost your immune system. Special trails for walking barefoot in Biržai, Anyksčiai, and Birštonas will take you through stones, sand, water, pinecone, and other surfaces. It’s a great way for adults to relax; and for kids – another exciting adventure in nature.


Around the country

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Take on the challenge to travel around Lithuania on two wheels! Cycling along the country’s many bike trails, you will get plenty of exercise, fresh air, and chances to admire breathtaking scenery. Most of the trails are adapted to cycling with children, but there are many routes to choose from. Our recommendation – the charming cycling route along the Lithuanian seacoast.

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