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Make Lithuania your real world discoteque with THE ROOP
Discover the real rhythm of life
You can find Lithuania on Spotify and Soundcloud, but nothing beats a live performance, especially one you can be a part of. Immerse yourself in some amazing real world sense-sations. From bustling cities to laidback homesteads to the soulful sounds of the sea, Lithuania is where your ears will want to be.
Hear the city
    Andrius Aleksandravičius
    Street sounds
    If you love music, you’ll love Lithuania’s bigger cities. During summer, bars and clubs fill the streets with the sounds of jazz, rock, disco, and even folk. And the summer also brings an exciting range of young musicians to the streets, giving you the chance to hear the future sounds of Lithuania.
    Saulius Žiūra
    Bell music
    Ding, dong – in Vilnius you’re never far from the chime of a church bell. With their rich medley of architectural styles and colourful facades, you could say that Vilnius’ many churches offer visitors a symphony of sights and sounds.
    On fire
    Walking by the river in Vilnius in summer, you'll hear what sounds like a dragon breathing fire. You wouldn’t be that far off! Hot-air ballooning is extremely popular here, and you can see the sky filled with these colourful airships on any given day. Even better – you can ride one yourself! See more
    Rytis Rakštikas
    Port town romance
    Port towns have their own charm, with visiting ships playing an important role in creating the atmosphere. When in Klaipėda, take a stroll by the harbour, find a vacant bench, close your eyes and enjoy the orchestra of horns and chimes, accompanied by a chorus of seagulls. See more
Hear the nature
    Justina Žukauskaitė
    Nature’s discotheque
    Nothing beats the dawn chorus of a forest teeming with the bright voices of crickets and cicadas. And what better place to judge the performances than in a cosy A-frame cabin surrounded by nothing but the colour green.
    Marius Jovaiša
    A bird concert
    Vente Cape in Western Lithuania is a place where migratory birds congregate twice a year. Come here for your birdwatching fix and enjoy some of the best singers in the feathered world. See more
    Žilvinas Karalius
    Dancing flames
    Share experiences, laugh and enjoy each other's company. Hear and feel the strum of the acoustic guitar and sing your heart out. Feel the crackle and spit of the dancing flames. What could be better than a campfire? See more
    Julius Adomavičius
    Thought that lakes can’t get wavy? What about making some waves yourself? All you need is summer (or early spring if you’re feeling brave), a calm lake, and a nice jetty to jump from. We all know the drill, you take a breath, you jump… then splash! Be the first to take the plunge, and be sure your friends will follow your lead. See more
Hear the traditions
    Marius Morkūnas
    Witches whisper
    If you’re feeling sinister, the sisters of the night are waiting for you! Take a walk up the supremely spooky Hill of Witches on the Curonian Spit at dusk and you’ll swear you can hear the wooden statues of witches and demons whispering in your ear. But don’t worry it’s only the wind. Or is it? See more
    Šarūnė Zurba
    A friendly buzz
    It’s all about the buzz. If you like the calming hum of bees, how about a restful half hour or so on a bed above a box of bees. Don’t worry there’s no sting in the tail here. You’re fully protected, all you need to do is relax to the sweet sounds. See more
    Gerda Butkuvienė
    Streaming sounds
    Feeling stressed or restless? There’s no better cure than the restful rush of water. And what better place to unwind than by the wheel of a watermill. Hear the pleasing creak of the mill and the song of the water, and feel the light spray on your cheek. See more
    Marius Morkūnas
    Played by the wind
    Do you think that wind has no sound to it? A visit to the windy shores of Nida will make you change your mind! There, you will hear the wind play subtle notes on the colourful weather vanes that are swirling after each gust. See more
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