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Highlands (Aukštaitija). The food

In Aukštaitija, it is easy to go astray on the Beer Road. The beverage has old traditions in the region that go back to manor times, especially in the districts of Panevėžys, Biržai and Pasvalys. So don’t be surprised if the first thing they offer you at lunch is... beer. And to go with your beer – whatever your heart desires. The soil in Aukštaitija is good, so the farmers have always been strong and wealthy – and that’s why the cuisine of Lithuania’s largest ethnographic region is so diverse and full of interesting flavour combinations. Have you ever tried flour dumplings with curd cheese and salo bits? Or perhaps you’ve had them with wild blueberries? Or with cabbage and mushrooms in the autumn? You haven’t? Then go to Aukštaitija and sit down at a table.