G. Leškevičius

Hot air balloon rides

The sun rising over the city, the lakes nestled in the woods, the rivers winding through the land, the castles emerging from the fog, and the glittering manor houses. You can never get enough of Lithuania from above. Vilnius is one of the few cities in Europe where hot air balloons are allowed to take off in the centre, right in the Old Town. The important thing is that there isn’t a strong wind, it’s not raining, and there is good visibility of the sky and the ground. The impression is enhanced by the season – a flight over blossoming gardens in spring, over golden trees in autumn, or over Trakai Castle, covered with a sheet of white snow in winter, will be totally different. You’ll bring back yet another impression from Birštonas after rising above the loops of the Nemunas, or after taking in the old Kernavė hill forts from above. A dinner prepared by one of the best chefs in Lithuania in a hot air balloon will also be something you will never forget. 

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