A. Gailiūnas

Lithuania Minor (Mažoji Lietuva). Things to do

If you start your journey through Lithuania Minor in Klaipėda, take in the charm and romance of this city. Wave to the ships on the embankment of the Danė, take the ferry to the exotic and natural Curonian Spit, covering it on foot or by bike, wade through the sand dunes and look into the distance – to where the lagoon meets the sea. Enjoy every moment here, because there are not many places like this left in the world. 

On the other side of the Curonian Lagoon, count the buildings featuring Eastern Prussian architecture, and check out the Evangelical Lutheran churches, the old manors, and the well-kept homesteads. Take a ride down the rivers that serve as streets, visit the old ports and lighthouses, and set out to count the passing birds at dawn. And if you still have enough energy, hop on a kiteboard in Svencelė – they say you won’t find better wind anywhere else in Lithuania!