Andrius Aleksandravičius

Lithuanian Cultural Life Burgeons In Summertime: Sea Festival, City Birthdays, And Hot-Air Balloon Championship

The slowly unveiling warm season in Lithuania provides ample opportunities for the visitors to explore the country’s blooming nature and many cultural events: a unique summer festival in the capital, seashore festivities in the port town, world-famous British music stars in the medieval castle, and heaps of festivities in Kaunas, the European Capital of Culture 2022.

Visitors, coming to Lithuania during the warm season, will have an abundance of cultural events to choose from—the highly awaited Sea Festival in Lithuania’s port town Klaipėda, preparatory celebrations for the upcoming 700th birthday of Vilnius, the capital, and numerous festivals, concerts, and exhibitions all around the country.

A cultural boom in Lithuanian metropolises

Although the cosmopolitan Vilnius will be celebrating its 700th anniversary next year, the festive events are already building the pre-birthday mood. One of the highlights of pre-anniversary events will be a grand international music festival on July 25th, St. Christopher’s Day.

Held in the largest public green space in the city, Vingis Park, the concert will draw aficionados of classical, pop, electronic, dance music, and a multitude of other genres for a day packed with audio-visual performances, world-famous and Lithuanian artists, and vibrant urban energy.

Another staple of the summer season in Vilnius is Midsummer Vilnius ‘22, an exclusive festival organized at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Already a crowd favorite, the event will bring a number of household names for a dose of entertainment on July 11th-22nd. A Ukrainian Jamala, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, world-famous jazz and rock virtuoso Alas di Meola, an American opera star Charles Castronovo, a British sensation The Tiger Lillies alongside Lithuanian music talents like Daddy Was A Milkman will remind Vilnius’ residents and visitors of the city’s summertime allure.

Kaunas, the second-largest city and this year’s European Capital of Culture, closely follows the capital in terms of cultural entertainment with 1,000 events this year. The main draw of the springtime will be The Confluence—an event in May encompassing the magic of the city’s rivers Neris and Nemunas. Visitors will be invited to step into a wild show of circus acrobats, water performances, musical river tours, live music, and visual projections.

Captivating waterside festivals

Lithuania’s laid-back port town Klaipėda, nestled on the shores of the Baltic Sea, draws thousands of visitors to its summertime Sea Festival each year. The nautical-themed event will permeate the entire city this July, beckoning to pop in the fairs bursting with hand-made delicacies and craftsmen souvenirs,  moon over the majestic ships in the marina, and promenade in the city’s tangled streets which radiate the seaside charm.

Another water-bound city and the country’s most famous medieval town Trakai, which lies only 20 minutes away from the capital, will be also celebrating its 700th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, this June the 15th century Gothic Trakai Island Castle, surrounded by a glimmering lake, will come live with the romance-filled performances of well-loved British artists Passenger and Tom Odell.

Festivities continue up in the air

Birštonas, one of the most favored resort towns known for its healing mineral water springs and mud, will bring summertime festivities to the next level with a Hot-Air Balloon Championship on June 9th-12th. The pilots will have to maneuver around the obstacle course, at the same time tussling with the atmospheric elements.

Keen spectators will have the opportunity to catch a ride with the competing hot-air balloons while less adventurous visitors will be able to admire the aircraft flocking the skyline from elegant city streets, or on the observation tower nearby. At 55 meters high, the tower provides the unobstructed views that sweep over the verdant Nemunas River valley.

Visitors eager for more summertime entertainment in Lithuania can visit the webpage of Lithuania Travel, the national tourism development agency.

Travelers arriving in Lithuania from any country of the world will no longer be subject to any COVID-19 management requirements, no tests and questionnaires needed. Wearing masks is not mandatory anymore, except in medical facilities.