Všį Keliauk Lietuvoje

Lithuania's tourism brand

To get a picky traveler interested in visiting a small European country that doesn’t boast spectacular wonders of nature or architectural miracles and is doomed with a hard-to-pronounce English name is an incredibly tough task. Not to forget, it still lacks direct flights from major cities and of which most of the world’s citizens know next to nothing.

The intensive white noise of tourism communication will not spare those who talk like everyone else. We need to stand out and be different. And our message is inspired by the point of view that we can share. This point of view will determine how we are seen, what can be experienced in Lithuania or expected from us. This will be our emotional selling proposition.

We value real things. From the food we eat (hardcore believers of naturally grown food) to the enviable part that nature takes up in our landscape (nature is where one can meet all of the Lithuanians during weekends or in the summertime). From the realness of people (we keep our word, we despise pretentiousness) to the realness in the streets (unpolished architecture). From the real culture that we value (famous theatre, overwhelmingly popular world cinema, booming music festivals) to the real, earnest hospitality.

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