Klaipėdos TIC

Most instagramable places

Coming to the Lithuanian seaside and leaving without an entire reel of snaps, posts and stories? Not on our watch! From idyllic spots in Klaipėda Downtown (and all of its sculptures) to the church towers of Kretinga and the many wild places where the sea meets the land, we‘ve gathered the best places worthy of taking a picture. And, trust us, no filter needed!

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Theatre Square

Kurpių g., Klaipėda 91243

You simply must get a picture at Klaipėda’s main square. Snap a shot of the Neoclassical facade of the city’s Drama Theatre, the central fountain or the romantic Ann from Tharau sculpture – the choice is yours. You can also catch a concert here or have a coffee at one of the outdoor cafes.


The North Horn: the Kiss Sculpture / Smiltynė Ferry Port / Meat Lovers Terrace

Danės g. 1, Klaipėda 92120

Come spend the evening at the spot where the Danė River flows into the Curonian Lagoon. Watch the golden sunset with seagulls flying overhead and a breeze ruffling your hair, and have a drink with a view on the terrace of Meat Lovers bar.


Viva LaVita Restaurant and Views of the Port

Naujojo Sodo g. 1A, Klaipėda 92118

If you’re looking to snap some pictures for your holiday album, we recommend you visit the Viva LaVita restaurant. The views from its terrace are nothing short of amazing – Smiltynė and the northernmost point of the Curonian Spit, a beautiful panorama of the Port of Klaipėda, and vast stretches of the sea extending far to the south.


TEMA kiemas

Naujoji Uosto g. 3, Klaipėda 92120

Back in 2020, Hofas finally took down its temporary fencing and welcomed visitors to… a yard. Or, more specifically, an open area located in a former industrial workshop that now serves as an open-air venue for live music shows, art installations, and cultural events. So come on over and snap some pictures of performers and awe-inspiring art.


Wish-Granting Old Town Sculptures

Kurpių g. 17, Klaipėda 91249

Whether you just want to snap a couple of great-looking pics or take your chances in the wish-granting lottery – the sculptures of Klaipėda are well worth a visit. Make a wish and whisper the magic words to the Cat with the Face of a Gentleman, the Magic Mouse, the Chimney Sweep, or the Magical Gates.