A. Didžgalvis

Petras Vyšniauskas: a saxophone virtuoso

A musician who spreads the message of the Baltic identity to the world. His improvisations combine past traditions with avant-garde jazz. He was the first National Prize for Culture and Arts winner for jazz. This musician has participated in prestigious jazz festivals in New York, Detroit, Berlin, Zurich, Geneva and other cities of the world. The saxophone of Petras Vyšniauskas can be heard on the jazz, folk and classical music scenes. A professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, he has unleashed a great number of students on the jazz world, some of whose names are no less famous today than that of their teacher.

“Petras’s imagination is akin to a fountainhead that never runs out. I never cease to be amazed at his ability to dive in and out of a variety of styles and to remain interesting and creative, to feel comfortable anywhere.” Musician and conductor Donatas Katkus 

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