Girios grybas

Regional kitchen

There are five regions in Lithuania, within which the people cook traditional dishes that differ in character and content. Each regional kitchen has its own special ingredients. 

Dzūkija is famous for mushrooms, berries, and buckwheat dishes – it is considered to be the capital of forest riches.

Aukštaitija – it's impossible to imagine a big dinner without potatoes, in particular, potato pancakes. 

Suvalkija is the land of meat experts. Hams, fillets, sausages and of course, the famous Lithuanian 'skilands' smoked in a fireplace! 

Minor Lithuania is the most delicious fish meals are prepared in this region: smoked, pickled, baked or dried. 

Žemaitija's residents are proud of their variety of porridges, crawfish, and 'kastinys' – spicy sour cream butter, usually served with boiled unpeeled potatoes.