Rules on the granting and use of trademark

The Lithuanian Tourism Trademark is an original work of UAB New Agency and protected in the manner set forth by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, and all the property and non-property rights arising from it are the exclusive property of the PE Lithuania Travel.

Any use of the work and/or its part, or its copy and/or reproduction produced in any way and form for commercial purposes without prior written consent of PE Lithuania Travel is prohibited. Any natural persons or legal entities seeking to obtain authorisation to use the Lithuanian Tourism Trademark for commercial purposes, shall complete an Authorisation application to use the Lithuanian Tourism Trademark, and send it to PE Lithuania Travel at the email address [email protected].

The Lithuanian Tourism Trademark shall not be used for advertising alcohol, tobacco, gambling or instant credits, or in relation to any other information adversely affecting minors. It is also prohibited to use the Lithuanian Tourism Trademark in a way that discredits it or is detrimental to the image of Lithuanian tourism.

The Lithuanian Tourism Trademark can be used in the internet website of a natural person/legal entity, within email signatures, in relation to profiles on Facebook and other social networks only as an additional mark, certifying that the respective natural/legal person represents Lithuanian tourism, but not as a mark introducing a natural person/legal entity (key logo).