R. Danisevičius / Galerija „Vartai”

Svajonė and Paulius Stanikas: Lithuanians in Paris

Both members of this artistic duo are equally important. These artists, who have won the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts, live in Paris and frequently visit Vilnius. The couple sign their work “SetP Stanikas”. Effective, controversial, sometimes even scandalous, it is exhibited in prestigious exhibition halls and galleries throughout the world. Paulius and Svajonė have frequently represented Lithuania at the international biennials in Venice, Liverpool, Moscow, Beijing. They enjoy surprising fans of their art with the liminal, extreme situations depicted in their drawings, photographs, video installations and sculptures, and with their classical compositions and appreciation of exceptionally high artistic culture.

“The couple Paulius and Svajonė Stanikas have their own artistic range – a certain repertoire they masterfully utilise as they balance between reincarnations of classical themes and invasions of the contemporary, between tragedy and the grotesque, between idealism and decadence. The artists’ work is influenced by the two cities of Vilnius and Paris, by the Baroque and the Gothic, the East and the West.” Art critic Kęstutis Šapoka 

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