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TOP 10 experiences Klaipėda


If you’re looking to try something new and exciting, why not go surfing? According to the instructors working at the surfing schools located on the Beach of Melnragė, Klaipėda is ideally suited for budding surfers.

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Canoeing at night

Water transport is an excellent way to see Klaipėda from a different perspective. Sailing on the River Danė in a wooden canoe at night – all the while holding a burning torch to light the way – affords some genuinely mesmerising views of Klaipėda, and especially of its waterfront properties.

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A guided tour of the Dolphinarium

The Lithuanian Sea Museum offers a guided tour of the Dolphinarium and its behind-the-scenes areas. During the entire tour, visitors are accompanied by dolphins and introduced to the fascinating details of their lives by dedicated trainers and marine biologists.

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A guided tour of the Lithuanian Sea Museum

At the Lithuanian Sea Museum, you can enjoy dolphins’ performances and after that learn about the history of shipping in Lithuania. The tour, which takes place in a network of underground tunnels, will take you through the country’s maritime history, the heroic exploits of sailors who dedicated their lives to geographical exploration, and go back in time to learn about Klaipėda during its heyday. Plus, you’ll learn about what not to do while at sea, the importance of being prepared, and ways to stay calm in desperate situations.

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Cruising the Danė River by electric catamaran

If you are looking to exchange a stroll around Klaipėda Old Town for some calm saling, you are in luck. The Popa Boat is an electric catamaran that gives visitors a unique opportunity to experience the city from a new angle. Not only that, the lighting rig installed on the boat makes it perfect for romantic night trips.

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Klaipėda at night

Klaipėda is inviting you on a date with the city’s ghosts. Once darkness falls on the city, and its cosy street lights have been turned on, Klaipėda begins to tell its tales. From the mouths of the city’s many guides you’ll hear tales that mix a shudder of terror with a romantic caress. Evening is the time when the city’s many ghosts come to life to spin their spooky stories.

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Cycling trips

During your first stroll in Klaipėda, you‘ll likely notice that it’s perfect for cyclists. If you care to spice up your vacation with a two-wheel adventure, we recommend the following routes:

  • Introductory tour of the city. Visit the Old Town and the city centre;
  • Through the City Lungs route. Explore the northern part of the city and visit the districts of Melnragė and Giruliai;
  • This is Where We Live route. Visit the city’s central and southern areas, including several parks and other recreational spaces.
  • The Cycling Route of Smiltynė. This route will take you to Klaipėda’s most beautiful beaches and afford a safe passage to Juodkrantė and Nida.

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Explore the sculptures of Klaipėda

Dragons, young maidens blowing kisses, fishermen, mermaids – these are just some of the sculptures that make Klaipėda even more charming than it already is. The sculptures are carefully maintained, and each tells a unique story. To learn about its origins, stand by the sculpture and scan the QR code located next to it.

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Wake Inn wakeboarding park

Thirsting for something a bit more extreme? Visit the Wake Inn wakeboarding park located at the Malūnas reservoir in the city centre. The modern park is equipped with wakeboarding figures, a cosy little café, and a recreational goods’ store.

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Taste Klaipėda

As many would have it, the Taste Klaipėda tour is “the most Klaipėda” of all the city’s tours. It involves not only tracking down Klaipėda’s key maritime symbols, but also a tasting of its characteristic foods and drinks, such as different cheeses, herring, and a special sailors’ drink. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn how these delicacies found their way to Klaipėda in the first place.

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Baltic jewellery

Baltic culture is an integral part of Lithuanian history. If you want to learn more, Klaipėda allows visitors to visit the Blacksmith Museum and participate in special workshops. During the workshops, you’ll be introduced to ancient jewellery-making techniques, the varieties of Baltic jewellery, and learn what they represent. The hands-on part of the workshop will have you making your own Curonian artworks from brass.

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