A. Aleksandravičius

TOP 10 Instagrammable places


Enormous ŽALGIRIS sign

Nothing says excitement as a visit to a Euroleague game at Žalgiris Arena. Even the most reserved of the locals are likely to join other fans in chant, when Žalgiris is playing a home game. And don't forget to take a selfie in front of the #Žalgiris hashtag before the game.

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Pink elephant

The idea of this impressive mural was inspired by the Deima + Arūnas inscription, left on the wall by one of the lovers. They say love defeats all, and in this case, it even changed the way Kaunasites view graffiti. The pink elephant, painted during the street art festival Nykoka, makes passers-by smile and invites them to take a selfie. You will find this Instagrammable place for just next to Kaunas Courtyard Gallery on E. Ožeškienės street.

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Chaika coffee-house

This cafe is cosy, it smells of retro, you can hear energetic funk & soul rhythms, and vegan desserts just melt in your mouth. Original tea recipes, freshly roasted coffee and hot Chaika sandwiches... And this cafe's ambience has been noted by not only by tourists and locals. It received an award for Best Public Space Interior at the Mano Erdvė 2019 interior architecture competition.

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Moxy hotel

Moxy is a hotel for the modern millennial traveller that emphasises experiential design and encourages social interaction between the guests. The hotel's designers took into account the architectural heritage of Kaunas and mimicked its characteristic features, seen in the curved sidewalls of the building and the above-ground suspended structure.

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Vienybė Square

Snapping a pic at the newly renovated Vienybė Square is a must! This square is open to rollerbladers, skateboarders, families with young children, businessmen, elderly people – everyone who has at least a little bit of free time and wants to relax.

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Aleksotas observation deck

Two stunning and original shots at one spot: a photo of the funicular that has been operating since 1935 and a panorama pic from the Aleksotas observation deck that overlooks the heart of Kaunas.

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This one of the most recognizable buildings in Kaunas. A Neo-Byzantine-style church, standing in the east end of Laisvės Alley. Soboras was originally a Russian Orthodox Church built for the military crew stationed at Kaunas Fortress. It was designed by Russian architects and decorated by St. Petersburg artists. In the 19th century, Soboras was transformed into a Catholic church – named after Archangel Michael.

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The Human Sculpture

It's hard to pass M. Žilinskas Art Gallery and fail to notice the sculpture of a naked man beside it. While some simply pass in awe, others stop to take a picture. One can already state that the Žmogus (Human) sculpture created by sculptor P. Mazūras has become a cultural symbol not only of M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, but of Kaunas as a whole.


Courtyard gallery

When Lithuanian artist Vytenis Jakas moved to this building with a large courtyard, he noticed that the common space was left unused. Jakas received great support from his new neighbours in drawing pictures and life stories of the Jewish families that once resided next door on the walls of the shared courtyard. The courtyard has since become a vibrant art space, with new objects and drawings appearing frequently.

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Kaunas castle

The magnificent Kaunas Castle has a story to tell, and it would be a shame not to bring back a picture. The country's oldest stone castle is the only one that has two rows of defensive walls. It is open all year round to everyone interested in Medieval history.

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