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TOP 10 Instagrammable places


The Glass Quarter

Formed in the Stiklių, M. Antokolskio, Gaono, and Žydų street area of Vilnius in 2018, the Glass Quarter Community is a collective of shop and gallery owners united in their mission to promote this special corner of the Old Town. Through specially organized cultural routes, they tell the hidden stories of some of the Old Town's most precious spots.

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The Republic of Užupis

Užupis may be the smallest district in Vilnius, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in style and character. Nestled on the banks of the Vilnelė River, the area is a hive of creativity and eccentricity, attracting the city's artists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs. The spirit of the district is best embodied by its constitution, a somewhat ironic list of ordinances that is displayed on the walls as you enter.

You can take the pretty path alongside the river under Užupis Bridge, and even try your luck on the Swing of Destiny.

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Literatai Street

Rumoured to be named in honour of the 19th-century poet Adomas Mickevičius (Adam Mickiewicz) who lived there, Literatai Street is a popular draw for foreign tourists and Lithuanians alike. What attracts the crowds are the hundreds of unique works of art that decorate the street's walls. Composed from wood, metal and glass, each individual piece refers to the work of a famous author somehow related to Vilnius.

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Bernardine Garden

Situated in the heart of Vilnius, between the city's iconic Gediminas Hill, the Vilnelė River and the Bernardine Monastery, Bernardine Garden is one of the city's most popular parks. With its botanical garden, rose garden and monumental fountain, it is the perfect place to unwind after a day exploring the labyrinthine side streets of the Old Town. And for arboreal enthusiasts, the park is home to the oldest oak tree in Vilnius, which is approximately 400 years old.

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Open Art Gallery

If it is art you are after, the Open Gallery will give you plenty to whet your appetite. And with all the artworks scattered across the city in interesting and novel surroundings, you are guaranteed some fantastic Instagrammable photo opportunities. A collaborative project initiated by LOFTAS, one of the city's most active creative spaces, the Open Gallery's mission is to invigorate the public's appreciation of art by placing paintings, sculptures and performances in public places.

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The Hill of Three Crosses

Standing 12 meters tall and crowning the hill that bears their name, these imposing crosses have become an enduring symbol of national identity. Visitors can climb the hill up to the crosses and stand on the viewing platform that has been erected at their base. From there, they'll be treated to a panoramic view of the city's UNESCO listed old town.

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Vilnius TV Tower

At 382.5 meters, the Vilnius TV Tower is easily the city's tallest building. In fact, it ranks as the 8th-tallest tower in Europe. So, it's no surprise that the view from the Paukščių Takas restaurant that you'll find on the tower's 19th floor, is truly spectacular. Not only that, the restaurant's floor rotates 360° every 55 minutes, so visitors are guaranteed to see the whole picture. Need we say that you should have your cameras at the ready.

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Subačius Observation Deck

If you are looking for a slightly more off-the-beaten-path spot to take in the many sights of Vilnius Old Town, the Subačius Observation Deck is the place for you. Located near the intersection of the Subačius and Markučių streets, it provides a wonderful panoramic view. Not only that, Subačius Street is one of the oldest roads in Vilnius, so you'll be soaking up the city's history as you take your pictures.

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Europe Park

What better surroundings are there for art than nature. Europa Park on the outskirts of Vilnius gathers together more than 100 sculptures from artists from over 30 countries within the grounds of a beautiful forested park. From the disembodied heads of iron giants, to huge granite eggs and an imposing walk-through installation of Soviet-era TV sets - Europa Park has something for even the most jaded artistic palette.

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Vilnius University Botanical Garden

Spread across two sites, one located in Kairėnai on the outskirts of Vilnius and the other in the city's Vingis Park, the Botanical Garden's complex covers a staggering 199 hectares. Home to a diverse collection of both native and foreign flora, the gardens are the perfect destination for visitors looking for a splash of colour and a burst of nature. The Kairėnai complex is particularly glorious - set amongst the grounds of an old manor, it offers gazebos and picnic spaces aplenty, and is the perfect spot for some Insta action.

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