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TOP 10 Instagrammable places Klaipėda

Viva LaVita and the airport panorama

If you’re looking to snap some pictures for your holiday album, we recommend you visit the Viva LaVita restaurant. The views from its terrace are nothing short of amazing – Smiltynė and the northernmost point of the Curonian Spit (known as Kopgalis in Lithuanian), a beautiful panorama of the Port of Klaipėda, and vast stretches of the sea extending far to the south.

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Teatro aikštė (Theatre Square)

Locals believe that every visitor simply must take a picture of themselves at Teatro aikštė (Theatre Square). The Square represents the city’s main artery where you’ll find a Christmas tree during the holiday season, and will get an opportunity to enjoy live music outdoors during summer.

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Banks of River Danė

People say that the banks of Danė constitute the most picturesque spot in all of Klaipėda. Strolling along the pavement, you’ll soon find the symbol of Klaipėda – the Meridianas sailboat, together with the Chimney Sweep, Mermaid and Fisherman sculptures, and the original Tree of Love – a composition made specifically for those struck by Cupid’s Arrow.


Smiltynė beach

Given that Lithuanian beaches have been repeatedly deemed among the most beautiful in Europe, spending a day at the white sandy Beach of Smiltynė – a perfect opportunity for taking some pictures! – is simply a must.

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Lithuanian Sea Museum

Thanks to its unique see-through tunnel, the Lithuanian Sea Museum offers a truly memorable way to explore the boundless marine environment without getting wet – all you have to do is look up and admire the view.

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Sunset at Šiaurinis ragas (North Horn)

What is the best spot for enjoying sunsets in Klaipėda? Easy – the North Horn. Word has it that, observed from the terrace of Meat Lovers Pub, the ruddy hues of the setting sun are even more vibrant.

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Let the Old Town sculptures grant your wishes

Whether you just want to snap a couple of great-looking pictures or take your chances in the wish-granting lottery – the sculptures of Klaipėda are well worth a visit. Make a wish and whisper the magic words to the Cat with the Face of a Gentleman, the Magic Mouse, the Chimney Sweep, or the Magical Gates.


The Old Town and its street network

If you’ve already been to Vilnius – Lithuania’s capital – you’re probably quite familiar with the winding little streets and alleys of the Old Town. In Klaipėda, however, things are exactly the opposite – the streets here are straight as a razor. Those who appreciate aesthetics and like to take pictures will undoubtedly find the Old Town of Klaipėda quite to their liking!


Old Mill Hotel

The Old Mill Hotel is one of Klaipėda’s most famous symbols, featured on almost every postcard you can find. Whether you plan on spending the night here or not, it sure warrants a picture! In addition, the manually-operated chain bridge leading up to the entrance is likely the only one of its type in all of Lithuania!

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Back in 2020, Hofas finally took down its temporary fencing and welcomed visitors to… a yard. Or, more specifically, an open area located in a former industrial workshop that now serves as an open-air venue for live music shows, art installations, and cultural events. So come on over and snap some pictures of performers and awe-inspiring art.

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