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A recent addition to the Kaunas Fine Art Gallery, Kultūra is a cafe and bar in one. It is located on the site of a previous bar where artists from across Lithuania used to gather. Today, locals and visitors alike drop in for their favourite drinks, creative chats, and even a spot of lunch.

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Žalgiris matches

Whether you're an avid basketball fan or you're completely new to the sport, a trip to the Žalgiris Arena, a seething cauldron of noise and drama on game days, is a must. Watching the iconic Žalgiris team face off against Europe's finest in the EuroLeague is a sporting experience you won't forget. When buying your tickets, look out for the special package for new basketball fans. Along with your tickets, you get an account of the fascinating history of basketball in Lithuania plus a Žalgiris team scarf and other gifts.

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Panemunė Pinewood Park

Panemunė Pinewood Park, located on the banks of Nemunas, is a great place to admire nature and enjoy a breath of fresh air. This park can be accessed via the Three Virgin Pedestrian Bridge.


Žaliakalnis Borough

Žaliakalnis was once a forest with only a couple of farmsteads nestled between green patches. The place got urbanised after the construction of Kaunas – Daugavpils highway, and during the Interwar period. Thanks to its excellent strategic position, Kaunas' intellectuals started to settle nearby. The most famous Lithuanian opera singer of all time, K. Petrauskas, composer J. Gruodis, Forest of the Gods author B. Sruoga and other cultural icons lived here. Today you can visit their houses-turned-museums and see how the cultural elite of 30s Lithuania lived.

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Kaukas Stairway

Kaukas Stairway is another favourite place for walks and recreation in Kaunas, connecting the Žaliakalnis borough with the city centre. Constructed in 1936, the stairway is one of the best examples of how Modernist architecture blends in with its natural surrounding.


Vienybė Square

The recently renovated Vienybė Square has earned international recognition for its architectural solutions. The square is decorated with fountains, swimming pools, a skate park, and several terraces. A perfect place for some mid-day coffee drinking and people watching.


Bike route connecting Kaunas with Zapyškis

A 20 km long route connecting Kaunas with Zapyškis promise spectacular vistas of the forest and the Nemunas river. In Kačerginė, there is a barbecue area for cyclists, where you can feast on grilled sausages before conquering the next leg of your trip. At the last stop of the route, cyclists will be greeted by the cosy town of Zapyškis, known for its Gothic church.

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Lampėdžiai beach

This is one of the favourite recreational and bathing spots in Kaunas. There is also a camping site here, perfect for everyone who wants to escape the city bustle. You can get adventurous at the Lampėdžiai quarry and go kayaking, canoeing or wakeboarding. Beachgoers will also find suitable spots to play basketball, beach volleyball, mini-golf, or tennis. There is also an adventure park here, for those who want to take their weekend to the next level!

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Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park

Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park was established to preserve the unique Kaunas Lagoon dam landscape complex, flooded Nemunas tributary estuaries, the unique architectural complex of the Pažaislis monastery, and other natural and cultural heritage sites.

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While other cafes try to outdo one another with fancy new dishes, it seems unlikely that the Spurginė donut shop will change their recipes (or prices) any time soon. The interior has also stayed pretty much unchanged for the last 40 years. Try their ball-shaped donuts with sweet cheese sprinkled with sugar powder and go a couple of decades back in time.

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