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Verkiai Manor and regional park

The Verkiai Manor and regional park is located on the outskirts of Vilnius. The gorgeous manor ensemble consists of many surviving buildings, along with smaller architectural details. And the setting is picturesque, with one side of the park facing the Neris River, while the other borders the Verkiai forest and two residential districts.

Locals come here to enjoy the area's rich history, and take in the beautiful natural surroundings, which include the impressive 700-year-old oak trees that grow to 1.5 m wide on the steep slopes of Verkiai Hill.

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Loftas is a multi-purpose event space, and one of Vilnius' most popular cultural and artistic spots. It's located in a former factory where gramophones, radio sets and tape-recorders were produced. The musical connection continues to this day, with Loftas playing host to concerts, along with visual arts exhibitions, film screenings, theatre performances, fashion events, fairs, experimental dance performances, and even conferences and educational seminars.

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The nightlife "Triangle of Vilnius"

If you're in Vilnius and want to know where the party's at, there are three street names you need to remember: Vilniaus, Islandijos and Vokiečių. This "triangle" is the main nightlife area of the capital, and it's where you'll find the biggest crowds and the biggest buzz after dark. You'll find more details on the best bars to visit later on in this guide.

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Halė Market Place

Vilnius' oldest and best-loved marketplace, Halė market is a sensory feast of local and international flavours. By day, you'll find locals buying fruit and vegetables (including the latest seasonal treats from grandma's allotment), and fresh fish and meat. By night, you'll find them hanging out in the market's cosy bars and eateries. This is a little corner of Vilnius where life is in full swing, where WhatsApp and Facebook are replaced by friendly battering and friends chatting over a coffee.

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The Stotis (Station) District

Previously just a transport hub home to the city's bus and train stations, this district is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. It has become a popular area for cultural events and nightlife, and is well worth exploring.

You'll find hipster bars, trendy cafes, live music concerts, and alternative events, with a tight-knit community of young people leading the revival of this district. It is located right next to Vilnius' beautiful Old Town, but it's less polished and still a bit raw. And don't forget to keep an eye out for the district's collection of street art while you're walking around.

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Downtown Food Hall and Kino Deli

Downtown Food Hall and Kino Deli is a trendy spot for true food and cinema aficionados. It's a spot for taking a break from your daily routine - you can chill in the food terrace or even bring your food into the cinema.

The food hall is a gastronomic kaleidoscope, with 14 restaurants serving popular dishes from around the world. You'll find sushi, Southeast Asian flavours, and perhaps the most delicious falafels in the city. There are vegan treats and juicy burgers, chicken dishes and hearty plates of fish & chips - and of course, amazing desserts. Locals lunch here every day, so it's perfect for anyone looking for an authentic taste of Vilnius' daily rhythm.

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Vingis Park

This tranquil, forested park is where locals come for walks, bike rides or even a spot of roller-skating. There's a stage in the middle of the park where open-air concerts and other festivities are common in the summer months. Other summertime additions to the park include children's attractions, cafes, pop-up shops for renting sports gear and the latest electric scooters, and there's even a small zoo. And if you're lucky, you might even catch the hot air balloons setting off for their sunset flight over the city.

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Baltasis tiltas sports complex

Located right in the heart of Vilnius on the banks of the River Neris, this newly developed sports complex has nine beach volleyball courts, three two-sided basketball courts, a children's playground, and outdoor gymnastics and training equipment. And for adrenaline junkies, there's a brand new skatepark where locals skaters try out their latest tricks. The basketball courts are top quality, with FIBA certification proving they meet top European standards, while the beach volleyball courts are even used for international competitions.


MO Museum

Designed by architectural wunderkind Daniel Libeskind, the MO Museum is the city's newest jewel. Its award-winning structure is a real eye-opener both inside and outside. In fact, the museum's central staircase, modelled after a DNA sequence, has become a popular site for Instagrammers. But it's not about the building - focusing primarily on contemporary art, the museum hosts a number of exhibitions throughout the year that highlight the best in Lithuanian and Baltic art.

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Paupys Market

Set amidst a bright and airy corner of the Old Town where modernism intertwines with nature and calmness, Paupys is Vilnius’ newest neighbourhood. The contours of the area’s architecture perfectly fits the bends of the Vilnelė and the trees that line their shores. The neighbourhood centrepiece, Paupys Market, has become a real draw for modern, creative people, as well as gifted artisanal chefs and food experts. So, it should come as no surprise that it’s the perfect spot for curious gourmets interested in embarking on a journey of flavours. Paupys Market is more than food. It is a creatively curated taste experience.

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