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TOP 10 like a local Klaipėda

Beaches of Giruliai and Melnragė

The beaches of Giruliai and Melnragė are the most popular destinations for Klaipėda’s vacationers. Easy to reach both by car and by bus, these beaches have large parking lots and convenient footpaths to the sea.

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The residents of Klaipėda typically recommend visitors to dedicate some time to walking along the breakwater and – weather permitting – enjoy lunch at one of the many beach cafés like Ateik Ateik (Come on Over) or Baltas ruonis (White Seal). The latter is the most suitable for those who enjoy watching sunsets.

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Smiltynė is the perfect spot for travellers in need of a break from the urban hustle and bustle. Here you can not only enjoy some quality sunbathing, but also go cycling on Smiltynė‘s plentiful bike paths – if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even ride all the way to Nida.

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Klaipėda City Recreation Park

Klaipėda City Recreation Park is a sports, entertainment and recreation venue for both citizens and visitors alike. It has an impressive 18 active leisure zones, catering for everything from table tennis to beach volleyball. There are playgrounds for children, a disc golf park, and the largest adventure and climbing park in the Baltic states – the choice is definitely wide.

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Melnragė Park

Despite its novelty, the Melnragė Park has quickly become a popular attraction with locals and visitors, coming here to enjoy the tranquil sounds of the murmuring sea. Here you’ll find many playgrounds, lounge chairs, and picnic tables – in other words, everything necessary for quality relaxation.

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Žvejų Street and the banks of River Danė

If you want to know what Klaipėda looks and feels like at night, you obviously have to visit some places where music and buzzing crowds don’ let up until morning. To this end, we recommend you check out Žvejų Street and the nocturnal happenings on the banks of River Danė. In terms of food, you have the Dock gastropub, and if you want to enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city – the Bukowski bar will be your best bet. Locals also recommend the Faksas bar.


The Giruliai forest footpath

As it happens, simple things like a quiet walk in the park and the emotions it stirs up often forge stronger memories than the sites we visit during our travels. Locals recommend the Giruliai forest footpath, which you can navigate on foot or by bike, scooter or even rollerblades.


Jono kalnelio sala (Island of John’s Hill)

In Klaipėda, it’s still possible to find several XVIII-century defensive mounds, such as the oddly titled Island of John’s Hill. The surviving mound was recently given a second life by forming a new green space and building an amphitheatre suitable for different events and evening film screenings.

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Best spots for a coffee break in Klaipėda

Since the people of Klaipėda are crazy about coffee, the Old Town and the central part of town are littered with countless cafés. Most residents prefer local cafés over traditional chain coffee shops that are popular around Lithuania. Whenever you’re ready for a coffee break, either of the following establishments will do just fine: Kavos architektai, 10 tiltų, and Max Coffee.

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Saunas on the Seaside

Have you ever run into the sea directly from the sauna? If the answer is no, and you are a sauna lover, you definitely have to try it. For that special bracing Baltic Sea experience, you’ll find there are only two saunas (or bathhouses) on the seaside in Lithuania that open to the sea. They are in Smiltynė and Melnragė.

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