Andrius Gailiūnas

TOP 10 places to visit Klaipėda

Teatro aikštė (Theatre Square)

Teatro aikštė (Theatre Square) is the port city’s main cultural hub and the location of most of its public events. It is here that travellers, accompanied by an experienced guide, make a lengthier stop to learn about the Theatre’s history and how the Square acquired its current shape. Not long ago this place was a swampy quagmire, and only in the XIX century – after the better part of the castle’s defensive moats were filled in with soil – a coherent space was formed and was soon populated with its first public buildings.

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Meno Kiemas (Artists’ Yard)

Meno Kiemas (Artists’ Yard) is a building complex consisting of Fachtwerkhäusen-style structures that have survived to the modern day. Here you can explore several now-defunct Fachtwerkhäusen-style warehouses, and see the various items created by West Lithuanian craftsmen working at the workshop located in the Yard. If you want, you can even try to craft something yourself!

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Danė Square

The square’s green spaces are a real draw for the city’s visitors, and for those looking for rest and entertainment there are also playgrounds for children, a special BMX, skateboard and scooter park, a colourful dancing fountain, and, of course, the Danė River itself. And we shouldn’t forget one of the city’s most distinctive attractions, the sailing boat Meridianas. The renewed Danė Square truly has something for anyone.

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The Black Ghost sculpture

The Black Ghost is arguably the city’s most famous sculpture, located near the castle site. This mysterious character – a 2.4 metres-tall ghoulish figure slithering onto the embankment from the waters below – is always surrounded by a crowd of curious visitors. Scan the QR code to learn what this creature is all about.

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Castle site

The history of Klaipėda starts with the construction of its castle in 1252. During the first several years, a wooden castle was built here, only to be replaced by a brick one a year later. Even today, the castle exists in a transitory state – there are plans to fully recreate the castle site, including the castle itself, or at least some of its key sections.

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Cruise ship terminal

Even though normally, the cruise ship terminal comes alive with the arrival of cruise ships carrying hundreds, or even thousands, of visitors from around the world, during the past 10 years it has also become the annual Sea Festival’s main concert venue. The terminal also hosts the Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival and other musical events.

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North Breakwater

Considering the fact that walks along the North Breakwater have become part of the city’s DNA, don’t miss out on taking this experiential stroll here. During the summer, people like to come here to cool down, and in the fall or spring – the time of implacable storms – to observe the elements lashing out at the man-made stone breakwater.

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Curonian Spit/Smiltynė

Smiltynė, located on the other side of the Curonian Lagoon, is among the greenest parts of Klaipėda. This area – a UNESCO World Heritage site – is perfect for travellers looking for some peace and quiet in nature.

History buffs and appreciators of different cultures won’t be disappointed either – the northern part of Smiltynė has a permanent exhibition of veteran ships, a XIX-XX century fisherman’s homestead open to visitors, and, last but not least, the Lithuanian Sea Museum.

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The Meridianas sailboat

Meridianas is one of Klaipėda’s most important symbols. The sailboat – used for the training of future sailors and captains back in 1948 – is now permanently anchored on the River Danė and serves as one of the city’s premium restaurants.

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The Magic Mouse sculpture

Have any burning desires or wishes? If so, then why not whisper them into the ear of Klaipėda’s Magic Mouse – a small bronze and stone sculpture located in the Old Town at the intersection of Kurpių Street and Kepėjų Street, and rumoured to grant wishes. All you have to do is recite the following incantation: “Transform your ideas into words – and words will become miracles”.

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