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TOP5 gourmet experiences in Lithuania

While visiting Lithuania, you should always leave a little room on your plate for new culinary experiences.  Some of them, you’ll find, are even exclusive to Lithuania.

The article was featured in inflight magazines of LOT (read) and Ukraine International Airlines  (read).


1.Flying restaurant

Lithuania is one of the few countries where you can sightsee in the capital city from the comfort of a hot air balloon. And while you are taking in the beauty of Vilnius’ old town from above,  you can also now enjoy dishes prepared by a professional chef.


2. At the monks’ table

With its stunning Baroque architecture, Pažaislis monastery, located close to Lithuania’s second biggest city Kaunas, is one of the country’s treasures.  The monastery is also home to one of the country’s best restaurants. So, you can enjoy gourmet food in the most illustrious of interiors.


3. Noble recipes

The cuisine of Lithuania’s ancient nobility is now experiencing something of a renaissance. Take Zypliai Manor in the south-west of Lithuania, for example. There you’ll find dishes brought in four courses, with the menu including such delicacies as bonfire roasted dove, game, and beer soup.


4. Under white sails

If you are visiting the seaport Klaipėda you should visit its most famous celebrity, the white-sailed sea-boat, the Meridianas. With its days on the ocean waves behind it, the boat now hosts an elegant restaurant with a menu of mainly fish dishes.


5. Beer bath

Several Lithuanian SPAs offer a truly unique experience – a beer bath. Whilst soaking in the warm, bread-smelling beer, you can enjoy a cold glass of draft beer produced in a local brewery.


Best Lithuanian restaurants:

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