Mantas Kristijonas Kuliešis

Unique virtual backgrounds for your next video call: choose from 7 Lithuanian colours

Hunger for travel has never been as big as it is right now. Between conference calls and home chaos, the mind tends to wander far and wide. This time, we invite you to travel virtually to the Nordic paradise called Lithuania. How may you ask?

By choosing a virtual background, handpicked to show you spectacular Lithuanian tourism attractions. They showcase 7 unique Lithuanian colours, those which you never knew existed! Striking yellow, deep green, modern grey, vibrant red, delicious pink, eye-catching blue and real black.

Such backgrounds are not only handy for hiding clutter or an unmade bed, but also a perfect conversation icebreaker. Be sure to read the fascinating facts for each location. This way, once the colleagues ask you ‘What’s that beautiful scenery behind your head?’ you will have the greatest response up your sleeve.

Enjoy this at-home vacation experience right on your computer screen. Easy to download and free to use on your next Zoom or Teams call. When the pandemic is over, do not forget to see these gems with your own eyes as well. Come visit Lithuania and discover colours you never knew existed!

1. Vilnius rooftop red

There are very few things in life, that are as eye-pleasing as the striking red roofs of this Lithuanian capital. Vilnius is beautiful from all angles - both roaming the cosy streets of the Old Town and looking from the sky above. It is not all buildings and skyscrapers though since Vilnius has been named the greenest city in Europe and third in the world! Rest comfortably on a cloud overlooking the spectacular Vilnius city panorama during your next video call.

2. The Roop Yellow

Previously known as amber yellow, the so-called gold of Lithuania, the colour has gained a completely new meaning in 2021. When The Roop won the National Eurovision Selection in Lithuania, their bright yellow attire became an iconic symbol. As the unofficial winners of last year’s contest with their single ‘On Fire’, the band turned out to be way more than a one-hit wonder. The newest song, called ‘Discoteque’ already has more than 4 M views on Youtube! People say they may be one of the potential winners. Dance to this tune like no one’s watching and support them with this striking background below.

3. Deep Forest Green

If you long for chirping birds, swaying branches and air so pure it cleans the soul, you have a forest-longing fever. The good news is Lithuania has plenty of them everywhere. So green, lush, and serene, that they have their own unique colour – deep forest green. Shades may vary slightly though, from meadow green to pine tree green, as 33 % of Lithuania is covered in trees. Experience most of them in this background collection and the rest of them once you come to visit.

4. Kaunas Modernism Grey

The once temporary capital of Lithuania is a hotbed for artists from all around the world. With roughly 6,000 modernist constructions, 44 of which carry the European Heritage Label, the city's sightseeing spots give an opportunity to deeply immerse into the modernist culture. The colour grey, which seems to come alive in the Art Deco buildings, is a symbol of interwar art in Lithuania. What better time to show off your artsy side than right before Kaunas city becomes the European Capital of Culture 2022.

5. Baltic Sea Blue

White beaches, endless dunes and pine tree forests create a perfect summer paradise along the coast of Lithuania. There is a reason why the locals adore the Baltic Sea so much. You can find bustling nightlife in the Palanga resort or calm your mind with a peaceful lull of the waves in Juokrantė beach. The UNESCO inscribed Curonian Spit National park, where giant moving dunes have buried entire settlements in the past, make you feel like you are on a different planet entirely. Breath-taking and otherworldly, Baltic sea steals the heart of every traveller. Try out how it feels with these sunny pictures!

6. Rye Bread Black

Lithuanians have dedicated a whole colour to rye bread, which is the superfood that has accompanied them through centuries. What is truly remarkable, is that they have preserved the houses and kitchens where this black goodness has been served by their ancestors. Rumšiškės village resembles a miniature version of Lithuania in the 18th–20th centuries, reconstructing the daily life of Lithuanian city dwellers. This open-air ethnographic museum is the place where rye bread black comes alive, both in the hundred years old homesteads and the starry night skies above.

7. Cold Pink

If you ever come to Lithuania, it would be a sin not to try our favourite cold beetroot soup – Šaltibarščiai. Eaten with boiled soft potatoes and topped with fresh aromatic dill, it is a true culinary delight! Mesmerized by the bright pink, you will be even more surprised by the rich and refreshing taste it has. Download this deliciousness as a background below.

If you are still hungry for more striking colour, let yourself get lost in the streets of Kaunas. There, unexpectedly, you will come upon a pink elephant. Yes, you heard right! This piece appeared in the open-air Courtyard Gallery right after the Nykoka Street Art festival, making passers-by smile. Lithuania has lots of diverse street art popping up everywhere, changing the face of the city in an exceptionally gorgeous manner. Check out the most famous artworks right here!

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