V. Vitkauskas

Vladas Vitkauskas: the man who triumphed over the mountains

He is the person who hoisted the Lithuanian flag on the summit of the world’s tallest mountain, Everest, and the first mountain climber from the Baltic states to have reached it. Vladas Vitkauskas has climbed the tallest summits on all the six continents. Having become a mountaineering champion for the Baltic States and founded the Lithuanian Mountaineering Association, he has organised numerous challenging mountain expeditions. These days, he shares his experiences at various seminars and lectures. “I have never blamed the mountains for the unfortunate accidents that happen there. I could see that it was us who brought misfortune through our ignorant behaviour and desires, especially the desire to triumph over the mountains,” says Vladas Vitkauskas about his passion.

"The world is great, and man is able to match him. Thanks to Vladas Vitkauskas for this testimony." Vytautas Landsbergis