S. Gaudėža

Let’s drive winter out of the yard in Plateliai

Žemaitija National Park offers an abundance of natural and cultural heritage sites, biking and walking paths, tours, and workshops. Situated on the west bank of Lake Plateliai, Plateliai is one of the most beautiful towns in Samogitia with such a celebrated past. The town is known for its celebration of Užgavėnės (Fat Tuesday) – one of the biggest and most traditional holidays that is impossible to imagine without people in costumes and the bustle they make. 

The most important accessory for the celebration is the “lyčyna” (mask). In the Plateliai region, masks were traditionally carved from wood or crafted from natural fur, then painted and decorated with sheep or goat horns, horse tails or manes, and pieces of fur. If you are interested in the characteristic Užgavėnėsmask characters, you can stop by the Užgavėnės exhibition that is on display in the stables at Plateliai Manor. There are at least a dozen craftsmen in Samogitia who carve Užgavėnės masks and sell them year-round.