N. Paluckas

Šakotis – Lithuania’s calling card

Šakotis (Lithuanian spit cake) is the centrepiece of the Lithuanian holiday table. In 2015, upon baking a record-breaking šakotis, the first and only šakotis museum in the world was opened in Jaskonys Village. This is where the Guinness World Record holder, which is 3.72 metres high and weighs 86 kilograms, is on display. The museum also features various šakotis baking tools, as well as samples of other spit cakes that are baked around the world. 

Educational programmes are held in Jaskonys Village where you can learn more about this delicacy and even take part in baking one. You will be able to pour batter on the rotating spit and form the “branches”, and taste different types of šakotis. The museum also hosts the “Dairy Road” and “Subtleties of Lithuanian Cuisine” educational programmes.