A. Aleksandravičius

Tytuvėnai Monastery

Tytuvėnai Monastery was designed to be well-proportioned, small, and elegant, and to include a family mausoleum. In the early 17th century, Andrejus Valavičius, the standard-bearer of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy, began construction of the monastery complex. It was built initially in the Gothic spirit, and then intertwined with Renaissance-style details. However, the largest proportion of the monastery is dedicated to Baroque architecture. Today, this Franciscan monastery is in excellent condition, and is a unique architectural monument located deep in the of heart of rural Lithuania. Nevertheless, it has already been discovered by pilgrims from all around the world.

The Pilgrim Centre located here provides a number of activities for curious visitors to try in order to gain an experience of life as a monk. These include by writing with a goose feather, tasting kvass, and assembling a rosary.