Böff’s steak excellency depends on simple things. These are perfectly combined high quality ingredients, the correct spicing ratio, the right technique and, of course, the chef's mastery. In addition to the meat dishes, restaurant’s guests can choose from a fairly wide selection of seafood, fish dishes, as well as desserts created by the chef himself.


Restaurant owner - Mher Gevorkjan - is an Armenian born in Yerevan. His professional career path is really long and full of experience. Since 1999, Mher worked as a chef on cruise ships in the Caribbean. Incidentally, the conversation on work on ships took place at the Lietuva hotel in Vilnius, on the 17th floor. There he met his future wife, who, after 6 years from then, returned her husband to Vilnius, and for a longer time. Mher Gevorkjan married a Lithuanian and became a chef in the largest Lithuanian hotel Reval Hotel Lietuva. Having accumulated even more experience, he decided to take on new challenges and, in 2007, moved to Denmark with his family, where he worked as head chef at the Marriott Hotel restaurant. Later he also worked in restaurants in this hotel chain in other countries. He finished his career as a hotel restaurant chef in one of the fine dining restaurants in Tallinn.

In search of new challenges, the experienced culinary specialist began to think about his own business and, of course, nothing else but his own restaurant. Thus, the idea of a meat house was born – the chef took a challenge to present a correct culture of beef eating in the capital of Lithuania. After two years of preparation, in fall 2012, Mher Gevorkjan welcomed everyone to Böff, which is located in the King Mindaugas Apartment Complex near Mindaugas Bridge, overlooking the Gediminas Castle.