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Labanoras Forest, Lithuania's largest, immerses visitors in diverse flora and fauna. Ancient thickets lead to hidden lakes and foraging trails.The centerpiece, the 36meterhigh Mindūnai Observation Tower, provides panoramic views of Siesartis Lake.
Labanoras Forest is the largest forest in Lithuania and provides visitors with firsthand exposure to the country’s rich and diverse flora and fauna. Exploration through its ancient thickets and brush can lead you onto the shores of hidden lakes, while you’ll find many a trail that has been beaten by the feet of foragers looking for the king of mushrooms, baravykai (Boletus). The centrepiece of the forest is undoubtedly the impressive 36metrehigh Mindūnai Observation Tower, also known as Labanoras Observation Tower, which offers one of the best views in the park. The 214step climb reveals a picturesque panorama of the Siesartis Lake with its islands and peninsulas, and the Lakajai landscape reserve, filled with rare plant species and other natural treasures. Accessible by car or bike, the tower is near the Western Blue Trail for hikers and cyclists. After descending, you can relax by the White Lakajai Lake, explore the surrounding forests, or even spend a night on the lakefront.

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