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In Lithuania, true wellness starts with a connection to nature. Abundant springs bring mineral-enriched healing waters straight from the depths of the earth, while other natural remedies – therapeutic mud, Baltic amber, local honey and herbs – are combined with the latest advances in medical...
science to help you recharge.

The effect of unique and scientifiaclly proven procedures is only enriched by the serene surroundings of picturesque resorts and spa towns like Birštonas and Druskininkai. Whether you simply want to take a break from your hectic schedule or need to rejuvenate your body and soothe your soul, Lithuania gives you a range of options to create your own unique wellness experience.

The spaces where nature, science and care mix and blend are setting new standards and adding innovative touches every day. In modern spa centres, the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences are created by teams of skilled specialists – from massage therapists to kinesiotherapists. Wherever you stay, you can entrust yourself into the hands of world-class wellness professionals who see it as their mission to take care of you and your wellbeing.

A stay at a spa in Lithuania is made even more fulfilling by the opportunities provided by the green areas that surround modern wellness complexes. Relaxing bike rides at your own pace, Nordic walking trails and traditional sauna rituals all help you reconnect with nature and yourself. Here, you’ll find a wealth of experiences that can perfectly complement wellness procedures and help you create a truly balanced and personalised wellness routine.