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An intriguing trip through the 3 Baltic States.

The three countries that are located along the coast of the Baltic Sea – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – may share a coastline, but each has its own individual identity, language and culture. And, while they are three distinct autonomous countries, their deep historical links and geographical proximity have led to them being called “sisters.” And this close proximity offers tourists the unique opportunity to visit three fascinating countries in the space of one trip.


The biggest country of the three, both in terms of its area and population, is Lithuania. It is also the southernmost of the Baltic countries.


Language-wise, both the Lithuanian and Latvian languages belong to the Indo-European language group, with Lithuanian considered one of the oldest languages in the world (it has similarities to Sanskrit).


Most Lithuanians are Catholics, while Latvians are predominantly Lutherans, and Estonians are mostly Evangelical Lutherans.


The Lonely Planet has recently likened a trip to the Baltic States to a fairy tale, thanks to the abundance of enchanting castles, dunes, forests and lakes.


Best of all, travelling between these three fascinating countries is quick and easy. There are direct air links between the capital cities, while by bus or car the countries are connected by the Via Baltica highway.


As a show of unity in their pursuit of freedom, almost two million people joined hands on 23 August 1989 to form the 600-kilometre Baltic Way that spanned across Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.




A map of 20 most unusual ice-cream flavours for sunny September

Bacon, beetroot and seaweed are just a few of the unusual ice-cream flavours offered by Lithuanian chefs. Continuing its tradition of the GASTRO travel guide across Lithuania, the national tourism promotion enterprise Lithuania Travel presents an interactive map of the locations where you can taste the most unusual flavours of ice-cream, a dessert much loved by Lithuanians.

Inbound tourism growth to Lithuania in H1 2019 highest in 5 years

A total of 831,000 foreign arrivals – a spike of 9.25% – was recorded in H1 2019, the highest in the past five years. The number of domestic and foreign tourists who travelled in Lithuania with at least one overnight totalled 1,750,000 or 11.30% more than in the same period in 2018.

New Baltic cuisine takes shape in Lithuania

Seasonal, hip and boldly weird is a fitting definition for the Baltic cuisine re-imagined by Lithuania’s best chefs.

Walking around downtown Vilnius, you’ll find the kind of cuisines that are common to all big cities – from Ukrainian dumplings to Jewish bagels (born in Vilnius, by the way), from Sichuan stews to Peruvian pastries.

A quirky culinary tour around Lithuania for taste buds

A quirky culinary tour around Lithuania for taste buds

For gourmets in search of new tastes, Lithuania has much to offer. So, if you find yourself with guests seeking out new culinary experiences, here’s a rundown of 10 of the taste sensations that the country has in store.

TOP 10 gourmet experiences in Lithuania