Drevernos kempingas


Camping in the great outdoors, with nights in the forest, in a camper or a tent, is full of romance and charm. All you have to do is pick the best place and experience everything that campsites in Lithuania can offer.

There are all kinds of options to choose from. If you stay at the Kurtuvėnai campsite, you can not only check out the manor, but go horseback riding as well. The owners of the Biržai campsite will teach you traditional crafts, and in Druskininkai you can choose a wigwam and try out a Native American sweat lodge. At the campsite by the shore, they bring you fresh bread and treat you to traditional Lithuanian šakotis in the morning. If you stay at the Dreverna campsite, you’ll find yourself in kiteboard heaven and in Zarasai you can listen to amazing concerts from wonderful wooden terraces. Travelling through Lithuania from one campsite to another can turn into a fun and memorable adventure.