Christos Drazos Photography


Lithuanians like to joke that with the person you love or your best friend, the moss of the forest will become the softest place to rest. Nevertheless, if you want your trip around Lithuania to be memorable and comfortable, look for places to stay that are unexpected, modernly equipped, or sometimes just impressive.

In the forests near Trakai, look for an elegant five-star hotel on Lake Ungurys that offers guests luxurious tranquillity, spa pleasures, and gourmet cuisine.

The ornate residence of the standard-bearer of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Panemunė, which has been around for 400 years, has also been turned into an impressive hotel with luxury apartments.

You can find a magnificent harbour of tranquillity at the four-star hotel in the Pažaislis Monastery ensemble on the Kaunas Reservoir peninsula, or nights woven with charming boudoir stories at Pakruojis Manor. You can spend a romantic evening at Ventės Ragas in a two-storey cottage overlooking the bay near the port.