Open Kitchen


Street food culture offers so many tastes. Juicy American hamburger? Sausage with German mustard? Pita bread? Or maybe a Mexican tortilla? And don’t forget a bowl of paella that smells like it’s straight from the coast of Spain, crisp Italian pizza, a vegan sandwich with fresh-picked lettuce, and a big, fat Lithuanian cepelinas doused in sauce. It just might be that you’ll find the dish of your dreams on Lithuania’s city streets or on your way to the shore. Or at least you’ll be able to quell your craving for a taste of your native cuisine. You can find everything in Lithuania, and the street food culture is exploding with options to taste, try, feel or just... eat. On a green lawn in the middle of the capital, at a music festival by the sea, in a forest, or at the trendiest loft in town. Don’t be surprised if you’re served something that belongs in a luxury restaurant, or if you hear that the chef in the food truck is actually a culinary virtuoso who has worked in the best kitchens in the country. Or if someone gives you a free shot of coffee, a glass of home-made lemonade, or a cup of fresh, pure Lithuanian water.