Oglądanie ptaków

Situated along the Eastern Baltic Flyway, Lithuania receives flocks of migratory birds in spring and autumn. Blessed with a mild climate and a compact size that lets one traverse the country in its entirety, Lithuania attracts birdwatching enthusiasts from around the world during both major migratory seasons.


The list of birds one can spot on a trip to Lithuania is impressive and, depending on the season, encompasses Aquatic Warbler, Great Snipe, Greater-spotted Eagle, Black- and Red-throated Diver, Bewick’s Swan, multiple species of geese, most of Europe’s woodpeckers, Greater Scaup, Common Scoter, Velvet Scoter, and many more.


Lithuania offers a diversity of habitats, including bogs, taiga forests and two of most spectacular landscapes the Baltics have to offer – Nemunas delta and the sand-dune dominated Curonian Spit. Where else can you see elks roaming in a desert-like environment?


Experienced guides – united under the Birding Lithuania Tours banner – help visitors discover the best of Lithuanian nature. So, why not plan your next birdwatching trip to Northern Europe’s best kept secret?


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✓ How to get to Lithuania.

How to get to Curonian Spit: ✓ nerija.lt
Find your way by bus: ✓ autobusubilietai.lt
Find your way by train: ✓ traukiniobilietas.lt
Reach Šilutė by train: ✓ traukiniobilietas.lt

Find out more about Lithuanian Ornithological Society: ✓ www.birdlife.lt