Keliauk Lietuvoje

Odkryj wspaniałą Litwę

Some ideas for an otherworldly vacation in Lithuania:
October 31st – Spend the night on the Hill of Crosses

The hill adorned with more than 200 000 crosses has been named one of the creepiest places to spend the night by both National Geographic and The Guardian. If you’re not that brave (admittedly, most of us aren’t) to camp there at night, you can still visit during the day, and even add another cross to the growing collection.

June 24th – Search for the fern flower

On the shortest night of the year, join Lithuanians in the search for the mythical fern flower guarded by witches. If you manage to snatch one, you’ll be granted access to immense wealth. And if you fail (as most have, to be honest), you’ll still get to experience a party taking you back to pagan times.

December 24th – Hear animals talk on Christmas Eve

According to local folk tales, you can hear farm animals speak on the night before Christmas. If that’s not your cup of eggnog, choose to discover the equally magical Christmas Town in Vilnius.

February 25th – Release your inner imp

Dress up as witch or a warlock, ask strangers to give you pancakes and dance the winter away together with all of Lithuania.


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