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Who should self-isolate on arrival? Who should self-isolate on arrival?
Top 11 Instagram Spots in Lithuania Top 11 Instagram Spots in Lithuania
Lithuania Goes Pink. For Returning Tourists - Cold Beet Root Soup Map Lithuania Goes Pink. For Returning Tourists - Cold Beet Root Soup Map

Lithuania has lain out the pink carpet to welcome foodies back to Lithuania. Our first ever taste map gives gourmets the chance to experience the many varieties and hues of šaltibarščiai.  …Instagram-worthy…It looks like summer. It tastes like summer. And it shares the crown with cepelinai as the most popular Lithuanian dishes… A little sweet, a little sour, a little salty - call it Lithuanian umami flavour …the most aesthetic cold soup in the world …unpronounceable Journalists and Influencers alike have lots to say when it comes to Lithuania’s signature soup. And for those who’ve already tasted the traditional version, why not try cold soup with boiled crawfish tails, or with raspberry beer, or with cucumber ice-cream? Dating back to the 17th century, this cold beet root soup is very much a seasonal dish and is made from healthy local products – beetroot, fresh cucumber, green herbs, boiled eggs and kefir. And despite its luminous pink color, you’ll find that all the soup’s ingredients are completely natural. Truly local, seasonal, and brimming with authentic flavors – these are the defining characteristics of Lithuanian cuisine, be it modern or traditional. So why not start your Šaltibarščiai journey today!

BREAKING: Lithuania lifts self-isolation rule for travellers from 29 countries BREAKING: Lithuania lifts self-isolation rule for travellers from 29 countries

Easing the lockdown measures, the Lithuanian government has approved that travellers coming from 29 European countries will not be subject to 14 days of self-isolation upon arrival.

Find your way to Lithuania 10 routes Find your way to Lithuania 10 routes

On the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die list From the Old Town of Vilnius to the Curonian Spit

Best camping routes Best camping routes

For lovers of nature, Lithuania is a treasure chest waiting to be unpacked. And what better way to experience all that the country has to offer than by camper van.

Around Lithuania on two wheels Around Lithuania on two wheels

If you love cycling then you’ll love Lithuania! And we have a challenge for you – a cross county cycle tour that spans the entire country – a mere 300 km journey from the capital city to the scenic Baltic Coast. It’s the perfect way to experience what the country has to offer. On your journey, you’ll take in everything from the historical old-towns of the country’s major cities to the UNESCO-protected Curonian Spit – the “Sahara” of the Baltics. Then there’s the region of Lithuania Minor, with its reflections of its Eastern Prussian past, and resort towns with 200-year-old traditions. While from the River Nemunas Delta, where there are more birds than people, you can travel to mysterious Samogitia which is steeped in Baltic mythology and the legacy of the Cold War. One of the most beautiful cycling routes in the country is the Coastal Cycling Route, part of the EuroVelo 10 and EuroVelo 13 network. And, as Lithuania is a flat country, you’ll find vistas opening out in front of you around every corner, without too much of a challenge for your legs. Choose your route, be open to adventure and discover the most Lithuania’s real treasure – its natural beauty.

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Sudovia Dzukija Highlands Samogita Lithuania Minor
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In the south-eastern part of Lithuania, between the forests and the wetlands, between the sandy hills and the lakes hidden in the woods, live the people of Dzūkija, who can boast of their old traditions, their remarkably preserved neighbourly customs, their love of the environment and all living things, and their mushrooms and berries. The authentic villages grouped together in the woods are an amazing opportunity to go back a century, feel the power of the forest, and immerse yourself in the tranquil, slow life of nature.
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