D. Garbačauskienė

Health tourism

The combination of the highest quality service and wonderful nature allows us to offer a wide range of aesthetic, beauty, and wellness services. Mineral waters, healing mud, Lithuanian herbs and amber are just a few local natural remedies whose healing properties are successfully used by Lithuanian health service providers. In Lithuania, you can quickly regain strength in spas in the big cities or treat yourself to the pleasures of health and beauty oases away from the city’s bustle. Even the environment helps to relax: endless green areas, countless lakes and rivers, a pleasant climate!

Resorts and resort areas

Lithuania’s resorts are little corners of paradise surrounded by pine forests and water. The fresh air and natural environment will relax the body and soul, while the cultural events and wealth of entertainment will definitely keep you from being bored.

Natural remedies

Nature has given us natural riches that we have long relied upon to deal with a variety of health challenges or simply to regain our strength. The effect of mineral water, herb or mud treatments inspired by deep traditions and applied with a professional approach is undoubted. All you have to do is choose the most appropriate natural remedy for you.

Major cities

From relaxing spa treatments to medical diagnostics or dentistry, you will be met in Lithuania’s major cities by highly qualified professionals working with state-of-the-art equipment and prepared to provide individually tailored services.