A. Aleksandravičius


We are small – no one is saying we aren’t. But there are so many beautiful places to visit in Lithuania and we have so much to show! First of all, our welcoming hearts. Then our cities, woven with history. The roads leading to the sea, where ships meet. The Curonian Spit, blown by the wind, natural, and so very genuine. The sea-coast, adorned with fishing boats and kiteboards. The refreshing mineral water springs and the pine forests, filled with fragrant air. We just have so much in this little green patch of earth. And you definitely have to see it all.

Urban tourism

Rush into your new adventure! Cosy and compact, Lithuania’s mid-sized cities offer the perfect short break option for people looking to cram in a wealth of experiences in a few short days. Immerse yourself in the mood and history of Vilnius’ Old Town’s narrow cobbled streets and get a pure rush of urban art in Kaunas. Are you ready?

UNESCO heritage

Lithuania is proud of UNESCO heritage. Our tiny country can boast of a long list of UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites. Come and discover our country’s wild grasslands and forests, the wind-blown dunes of the Curonian Spit, Lithuania’s pagan roots in Kernavė, the Struvė Geodesic Arc, the most accurately measured and longest meridian arc and the play of architectural styles in Vilnius and Kaunas; experience its living traditions by listening to Lithuanian polyphonic songs – sutartinės, observing the hands of a cross crafter creating tradition, or attending the Song and Dance Celebration. All you have to do is make up your mind, choose a date, and take off!

Unknown towns

It’s time to discover unknown towns. They may not be large, but they are rich. Every town in Lithuania tells its own unique history, opens the door to an authentic heritage, and invites you to visit the most unexpected museums or take part in exciting tours. Set out to discover cosy old town streets, interpret the work of street artists and sculptors, and immerse yourself in the events that take place year-round.

Ethnographic regions

If you decide to spend at least a week in Lithuania, you can do a lot. Select the vehicle of your liking – whether it’s a bike, motorcycle, car, bus or train – and set out to explore Lithuania’s ethnographic regions. And they are all very different.

European Destinations of Excellence

We invite you to visit Lithuania’s seven most attractive tourist destinations, which have been being selected as European Destinations of Excellence since 2008. These sites will astound you with their unique nature and delight you with a wide range of entertainment. So relax at one of Lithuania’s incredible lakes, or experience what life used to be like at one of its beautiful manors. These destinations give you a chance to taste our national cuisine, birdwatch, or try your hand at ice fishing – and these are just a few of the many unique things Lithuanian tourism has to offer.