A. Gailiūnas

Resorts and resort areas

Lithuania’s resorts are little corners of paradise surrounded by pine forests and water. The fresh air and natural environment will relax the body and soul, while the cultural events and wealth of entertainment will definitely keep you from being bored.


Druskininkai is an excellent place for those who want to get their personal health back, as the city is surrounded by allegedly healing springs and absolutely stunning nature. Today Druskininkai is an official healthcare resort and the fastest-growing recreation destination. Breathing the pure air, drinking mineral water straight from the natural springs, having baths in natural therapeutic peat and doing so much more for your health and mind is what makes this destination unique.


Surrounded by pine forests and the Nemunas River, this scenic resort welcomes its visitors with tranquil, relaxing and most of all body and soul-healing atmosphere. Birštonas has a lot to offer from modern therapy centres and exceptional cultural life to the serenity of old-fashioned houses and long-lasting traditions of healing using natural therapeutic remedies.


The Curonian Spit is a unique place of massive travelling sand dunes. Today the landscape is dominated by pine forests as a result of an attempt to tame the nature, nevertheless, some of the breathtaking dunes remain. Guests admire the good ecological state of the resort, its clean and clear seawater, the white sands of its seashore, and its fresh air. It is easy to indulge in healthier and active lifestyle while being here.


Palanga is a resort famous for white sand beaches and its pleasant dunes. It is a universal resort in Lithuania where anyone can find a suitable way to rest and have fun. Palanga is like a split-personality resort: a peaceful wonderland in winter and a pulsating party spot in summer. Tourists from all over Lithuania and abroad come for its seaside landscape, entertainment and treatment procedures.


Zarasai could be called a paradise, the city rising above water and forests. This resort area offers picturesque landscapes, safe and peaceful pine forests, and more than three hundred lakes in the whole region of Zarasai.

It is a perfect place with favorable microclimate to strengthen your health by enjoying aqua tourism activities, exploring wild nature or just breathing the fresh air.


Anykščiai resort area allures visitors with its blue lakes and forests, cultural events and historical heritage. It is a perfect place for pure relaxation and harmony. The calming effect of forest and fresh air revitalizes tired mind and body. At the local wellness and medical centres, visitors can find mineral water swimming pools, saunas, salt rooms; everyone is able to enjoy therapeutic and relaxing massages and other pleasant health, treatment, and wellness procedures.


Trakai resort area encompasses the natural resources for medical and wellness travelers such as a fine climate, pure air, green forests and lakes. All year round it is bustling with activity where visitors and locals enjoy fitness, health procedures, concerts, cultural attractions, at the same time witnessing man-made landscapes coexisting with remarkable water bodies.


Ignalina and two surrounding villages of Strigailiškis and Palūšė were recognized for their recreational resources. It is a land of lakes and forests that radiates a mood of relaxation and peace. Scenes of amazing beauty attract those who seek picturesque natural views, fishing, water activities, boat trips, bike rides, winter sports or a quiet holiday in a rural tourist location.

Kulautuva, Kačerginė and Zapyškis

Kačerginė, Kulautuva and Zapyškis – three towns situated near the Nemunas – are an oasis of tranquillity and a nature haven of exceptional beauty and purity for those who want a break from the bustle of the city. Surrounded by forests, this is an area where you are sure to forget about your everyday worries as you stroll along the educational and wellness trails and take in the fresh air. In Kulautuva there is a natural mineral water source, and Kačerginė invites you to taste water straight from the spring, which is said to even have magical powers. You can become acquainted with the picturesque surroundings by bike or by water.