A. Aleksandravičius

Urban tourism

Ready for urban tourism? One, two, three... run! From everyday life, from habits, from people who know you, and from yourself when you no longer want to look in the mirror. Our towns are the perfect place to run away: we are in the middle of Europe, and whether you come by plane, train, or even bus or car – the trip won’t take long. We appreciate good culture, good food, and a city vibrating with good emotions. Are you ready for an adventure? 


Vilnius makes your head spin. This city’s extraordinary spirit catches you, draws you in, and invites you to explore it day and night. The mysterious courtyards of the Old Town and the sculptures that dwell there, the centuries-old architectural details, the waters of the two rivers babbling in the middle of the city, the green parks and garden shade, and the lively streets that never sleep, where strangers become acquaintances and what is foreign becomes your own. You can’t plan Vilnius – you have to love Vilnius.

The perfect getaway plan is this: you fly into Vilnius Airport. You reach the Old Town in 20 minutes. You get settled into a charming apartment overlooking the red roofs of Vilnius, and an hour later you’re drinking coffee in one of the countless cafés and are ready to conquer the city. Vilnius will be an easy conquest – with its celebrations and festivals, art galleries and theatre and concert halls, elegant local boutiques, modern and stylish hotels, luxury restaurants and street food, and night clubs and tiny bars.


If you just set out, if you improvise, Kaunas will create a new story for you, the legend of your life. In this city, the doors and windows are flung wide open to culture, so just be curious and you’ll get everything you want. The creative people living here are doing everything they can to make sure that you are amazed by the European Capital of Culture 2022 and will remember your stay in this city for a long time. Chock-full of unexpected spaces and crazy ideas, Kaunas will simply serve a weekend adventure up to you on a plate. Extend your hand to the city and go together to take stock of the unique Art Deco buildings, the street art bright with colour, the historic monuments, and the modern art galleries. And if you inadvertently find yourself next to tables loaded with food and drink on Laisvės Alėja, know this: Kaunas likes to celebrate. 
The perfect getaway plan is this: you fly into Kaunas Airport. In less than an hour, you find yourself in the city centre. You get settled in a Bauhaus style room, and an hour later you’re on the old funicular and taking in the city from atop the green hills. After taking a stroll, you stop by the devils at the only museum dedicated to them in the world, have dinner at one of the best restaurants in Lithuania, and spend the evening at a concert in one of Europe’s most beautiful monasteries. Unable to resist its charm, the next day you move to a local hotel where you drown yourself in silence and the gentle hands of the spa specialists. 
The mystical Beast of Kaunas, creating the legend of the city, is waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to jazz.


This is a summer city. A place where winds, boats and people cross paths. A place that smells of sea salt, and where the fragrance of pines cleanses the lungs and frees the mind. In Klaipėda, nobody rushes; in Klaipėda, the sound of music and clinking glasses fills the air, letters penned with memories are sent, and wind-burned lips are kissed. Everything is easier in Klaipėda, and there is more space for unexpected improvisations: a few steps along the charming embankment and you’re already on a boat under its sails. Where will it take you, what surprises will it show you? Let yourself be enticed – surrender to the charm of the moment. 
The perfect getaway plan is this: you fly into Palanga Airport. An hour by car and you’re in Klaipėda. You check into a hotel with a view of the sea. You have lunch in a charming Old Town restaurant, where the owner personally recommends the freshest fish of the day. Leaving the Old Town and the jazz for tomorrow, you take the ferry to Smiltynė. After getting your fill of the air saturated with pine, listening to the breaking of the waves, and watching the sun go down, you get settled in at the yacht club on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon – nothing is more romantic than watching the ships sailing by and the tied-up yachts, floating with longing. Maybe your next trip will be something different?