Amber therapy

There is a good reason why amber is called Lithuanian gold. More than 250 amber varieties are known worldwide, while Baltic amber differs from others because of its composition: it contains considerable amounts of succinic acid. Succinic acid is the main valuable component of amber that allows using amber for health purposes. Baltic amber is the only variety without heavy metal impurities; therefore, it is perfect for use in medicine and cosmetics. In the Baltic Sea region, 80% of all world amber is found. Amber baths, massages, cosmetics, jewellery, gastronomy, historical or architectural sites, health promotion services, museums and galleries, shops, designers, experts, amber workshops, amber-related legends, amber in folklore and art...

World First Amber Sauna

And this year world first amber sauna was opened near Palanga, in Kretinga district. Three tons of natural Baltic amber used to make it. Ceilings, walls and even sauna beds are covered with natural amber. Featuring a cosy and luxurious amber room, sauna, covers area of 22 square meters and comfortably fits up to 15 people at the time.