Drevernos kempingas


For lovers of nature, Lithuania is a treasure chest waiting to be unpacked. And what better way to experience all that the country has to offer than by camper van.

  • Lithuania is easy to reach by roads and very compact. You can have breakfast in the capital Vilnius and in 4 hours be relaxing on the seashore. With short distances and a comfortable infrastructure, Lithuania allows you to pack in many sightseeing opportunities along the way.
  • More than one third of the country is covered with forests. Because of Lithuania’s low population density, you can easily find your own private corner of nature to unwind in. You can relax and enjoy gathering wild berries or picking mushrooms in our forests, without the need of any special permission.
  • With Approximately 3000 natural lakes, rivers, a coastline sea and lagoon, you’ll find there’s plenty of opportunities for water activities – from kayaking, boating and fishing to yachting. So, if you are a water lover, plan to park at a campsite on the seashore or lakeside.


Choose one of these four great camper van routes that will allow you to explore Lithuania’s many charms!


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