Andrius Aleksandravičius
Lithuania is open
for international tourists
Can I travel to Lithuania?
Andrius Aleksandravičius

As of May 1, Lithuania removed all COVID-19-related requirements for all travelers. It means that travelers arriving in Lithuania from any country in the world will no longer need to take the COVID-19 test before the trip, even if they are not vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. Filling a questionnaire of the National Public Health Centre is also no longer required. As all touristic attractions are open in Lithuania, you can explore the whole country easily and mask-free.

You will find more detailed information below.

Andrius Aleksandravičius
Current recommendations during your stay
  • Masks
    • Face masks are no longer mandatory in all public spaces, except in medical facilities.
  • Meeting people
    • No restrictions for the number of people in outdoor gatherings
  • Public transport
    • Public transport, taxis and trains operate as usual, with extra efforts to ensure hygienic norms
What services are open in Lithuania?
  • Hotels, SPAs and other attractions

    Hotels, cinemas, galleries, shopping centers and SPAs are open

  • Restaurants

    Restaurants, cafes and bars are open

    Take-away or eating indoors and in outdoor terraces is allowed

  • Cities and nature

    Museums, zoos and botanical gardens are open

    Movement within the country is free, no curfews or movement restrictions are imposed

  • Tours

    Sightseeing and guided tours are organized

    Make sure to book in advance!

Additional information
What should I do if I start having symptoms?
If symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing) occur you should call the COVID-19 hotline: 1808 (ph. +370 (37) 367 963 if calling from a foreign phone number) and contact your family doctor, report the circumstances of the illness, and follow medical advice.
Do I need a negative COVID-19 test before departure?
The regulations vary depending on your destination/home country.
Which rules apply if I‘m transiting through Lithuania?
There‘s no need to get tested or self-isolate after crossing the border if you‘re travelling through Lithuania for transit purposes. Essential stops, such as at petrol stations, are allowed during the trip as well.
Where can I get tested for COVID-19 in Lithuania?
The list of private laboratories testing for COVID-19 can be found here.
Is the COVID-19 test free for tourists?
No, testing for COVID-19 and negative result certificate available only at your own expense.

If you did not find an answer to your COVID-19 related question here, please visit the Corona STOP or the official NPHC website.

Andrius Aleksandravičius