Feel it with your fingers

[Scrolling] hurts your fingers?
Learn some finger yoga with the Roop
Feel it with your finger tips
No matter what’s on the screen, it still feels unreal. Rediscover the variety of senses that only an interaction with the real world can bring. Pick some flowers, shape a clay pot or pat an alpaca. There’s nothing like a little Lithuanian finger yoga!
Feel the city
    Mantas Repečka
    Kaunas Modernism
    Tired of buildings that have no soul? In Kaunas, you’ll find 6000+ architectural wonders from the Modernist era that will surprise you with their playfulness. Unexpected shapes, crazy curves and wicked straight lines shape the city and make it dance. See more
    Birute Vijeikienė
    Green urban oases
    Feel the breeze as it dances through the leaves. Lose yourself in the luscious green of Vilnius’ Bernardine Gardens or Vingis Park. Everywhere you go, you’re blessed by the hand of nature. See more
    Karolis Dovidavičius
    Cycling in the city
    Ding-ding. No, it’s not another annoying notification. It’s your finger ringing a bicycle bell! Renting a two-wheeler is a must when visiting one of Lithuania’s bigger cities, as it makes the already short distances even shorter! See more
    Janis Zekanis
    Go with the flow
    Take a canoe ride down an urban water artery — Neris in Vilnius, Nemunas in Kaunas or Danė in Klaipėda. And while you’re paddling downstream, dip your fingers (and toes!) in the river. It’ll wake you up better than a triple espresso. See more
Feel the nature
    Laura Žičkutė
    Go mushroom hunting
    Nothing beats the feeling of triumph you get when you pinch your fingers round the stem of the King of Mushrooms himself – boletus (baravykas in Lithuania)! For Lithuanians, mushroom gathering is more a religion than a seasonal past-time. And once you try it yourself, you’ll understand why!
    Milda Ruslytė
    Fishing for amber
    Amber fishing sounds like something you’d find in a history textbook. But on Lithuania’s coast it’s very much a reality. The smell of the sea, the full fresh breeze, and the anticipation of a glint of glimmering yellow in the sand. You can’t afford to miss it! See more
    Justinas Rimeikis
    Berry nice
    Have you ever been caught blue handed? In Lithuania, it’s more common than you think! Spend the morning picking blueberries in a serene pine forest and see how your fingers turn Smurf-like.
    Inga Valentonienė
    Pet an alpaca
    You don’t need to travel to the Andes to get up close and personal with everyone’s favourite furry llama/sheep hybrid, the Alpaca. Lithuania is littered with small outdoor homestead petting zoos where you can run your hand over the rough yet woolly coats. See more
Feel the traditions
    Gilužio sodyba
    Make your own gifts
    Wouldn’t it be cool to bring back a souvenir you’ve made yourself? Dig your fingers in the millenia-old tradition of black ceramic and let your creative spirit guide you. A bowl? A mug? A sculpture of a tiny devil worthy of being exhibited at the Devils’ Museum in Kaunas? You decide! See more
    Going herbal
    Fancy yourself a budding herbalist? In spring, in Lithuania you’ll find no end of curative plants and herbs growing in abundance even in city parks. Camomile, mint, lemon balm, rosemary and thyme – all of this fresh goodness at your fingertips. See more
    Ieva Rudžionytė
    Village life
    Get away from the hustle and bustle, and get in touch with yourself in the countryside. Pick a basket full of red apples, cross a lake on a paddle boat and finish off the day with a glass of fresh milk. See more
    Monika Dombrauskytė
    Heat it up!
    Lithuanian sauna is a meditative experience where time and stress disappears. The heat helps rid the body and mind of tension, and the calming aroma of herbal tea (a must-have element) will help you to drift away. And you can enhance the experience with a traditional bath broom massage to truly cleanse yourself. See more
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