Lithuania TravelTech sandbox

The global tourism and travel industry needs novel ways of solving pressing challenges – from reinvigorating traffic to making the field more sustainable. Such solutions can only be developed, if the conditions of Talent, Innovation and Government Support are met. Lithuania, a country that prides itself on the notion of co-creation, is ready to welcome innovators to its growing TravelTech ecosystem, providing all the right conditions for sandboxing ideas that can potentially change the market.

Lithuania – a Northern European country by the Baltic Sea

  • Area

    65.286 km²

  • Population

    2.8 million

  • GDP per capita (in PPS)

    25 878, 2020

  • Currency


  • Capital


  • Memberships

    EU, NATO, WTO, Schengen, OECD

Lithuania's economy is growing fast

€49 bn in

Lithuania is the largest
economy among
the Baltic States

Eurostat, 2020

€25 878 GDP
per capita (in PPS)

The highest value
in the Baltic States

Eurostat, 2020

-0.9% GDP
growth in 2020

Eurostat, 2020

+7.1% real wage

The most significant growth
in real wage among the OECD
countries in 2020

OECD data, 2020

What gives Lithuania it's edge?

Open data initiative: Travel Data Lab

  • Tourist mobility
  • Country-wide tourist traffic data updated daily
  • Comprehensive tourism object database (14K tourism objects)
  • Available data includes expenses, visited sites, tourist personas
  • Research data accumulated from multiple sources
  • Tourism infrastructure quality assessment

Young and highly qualified talents

  • of population with higher education
  • English proficiency among young professionals
  • of the population speak at least two foreign languages

Students by study field in higher education institutions (2019-2020)

  • Business, Administration and Law
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction
  • Health and Welfare

Lithuania is 5th by digital / technological skills availability

From regulators to accelerators


Connecting the public sector with startups to solve the most pressing technological challenges


1st Largest Fintech hub in the EU in terms of licensed companies.

Lithuania is home to over 230 Fintechs. They mainly focus on: payments, financial software, digital banking and lending.

7-fold GDP growth in the last 25 years

World Bank, 2021

11th globally ease of doing business

World Bank, 2020

Vilnius – leading sharing economy hub

2nd globally in sharing
economy index, 2021

Mature Fintech and GovTech sandboxes

Ministry of Economy and
Innovation, 2021

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